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Still Another Hour Of EMCradio

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Still Another Hour Of EMCradio

by Left

Published October 23, 2006

Ok, it starts off...a dark stage...and then a beam of light...
And you can see Volume Four (a natural number, following 3 and preceding 5) emerge as a thin layer of fog coming in around your ankles and slowly creeping up your pant leg, announcing its arrival by tantalizing tickles running up and down your inner thigh. Let your knees wobble, your vision blur as you surrender to the seductive undulations of STILL ANOTHER HOUR OF EMCradio


001 UTM vs. Beardedone & Techbot - Poledance of the Mayfly
An immaculate fusion of Beardedone’s off beat, exploratory jazz, Techbot’s drums, loops and breaks, and the wacky variety of UTM's sounds and remixing skills. Beardie's Dance of The Mayfly and Techbot's Dance Around The Maypole, in the hands of UTM, are carefully blended into a steamy scene of exotic, naked insects performing erotic mating rituals. Oh and there be pirates!

002 Respirator – Plastic
An acousti-loopy, folky, lounge, hip-hop type piece. This early Respirator tune displays all the creativity that is ever present in his work. Just the right amounts of slide and picked guitar, sax, chanting, rattle percussion and of course trumpet, mixed in a bowl, cooked at 200 degrees for several hours and served with the beverage of your choice.

003 de la Mancha vs tOtALcULt remix - Pleonastic Oxymoron
Pleonastic: Redundant use of words that mean the same thing (eg a free gift)
Oxymoron: Use of words that contradict each other (eg exact estimate)
"Anyway, the idea of the track is to take 2 tracks and mix them together DJ style, at the same time being different but the same. tOtALcULt did the first half with the dark breaks and I did the 2nd half with the song2 bass line and beasties/PE samples."
de la Mancha
"It's a strange sort of hybrid beasty of a tune. The idea was to mimic a DJ mixing between two records. First up is my couple of minutes of track 'Roc Da Howze', followed and finished in rip-snorting style by dlm's 'Pleonastic Oxymoron'."

004 3 Pups - Em
3 Pups and their collection of sounds...unclassifiable! This tune, however unidentifiably ear-pleasing, reels you in from the get go. There is something so understated about it, but in comforting way. No fear of suddenly falling off a cliff. A slow, meditated walk on a blank sheet of bright white a4 paper while imagining all the ways it could be filled.
"The 4 tracks which make up our yet to be released new Pantha and Newbie Brad cd 'Chestnut Street'. The music was created and recorded with inspiration from the re-release of Miles' Davis 'Bitches Brew'. The tracks were recorded at the now defunct Chestnut Commons at 427 Chestnut Street, the historic May Hosiery Factory, in 2005. I'm very nostalgic about those sessions and the wonderful building."

005 The Zapples - Life is Beautiful
You'd be inclined to grab a stick and give these two (Big Mark and Little Mark) a good poke just to be sure they exist.
Example: So, what is a Zapple?
LM: It's a branch of an apple.
BM: It's fun to Zapple!
LM: A man on a flaming pie came to us and said 'you will be Beatles with an A!'
BM: I thought 'that would never catch on'…
LM: So we decided to call ourselves 'The Zapples' instead.

This from mop-topped teenagers who seem to have this unwavering take on life. A good bit of versatility in there too. There's something encouraging about this tune and these guys. You just want to believe it all.

006 Derek & P.Chavaroche - Colours Of Life
"It's a composition realized via Internet collaboration with Derek (guitars, bass, drums, tablas) and Philippe Chavaroche (keyboards).
A patchwork of various experimental atmospheres which give rhythm to our lives and our influences."
Beautifully instrumental, kinda multi-melodic (mutli-coloured?). Each instrument seems to have a very distinct path all to itself. Top-notch musicianship behind every minute. Master prog guitar fills it midway and it takes on a completely different feel. Colours of music. It's a whole frickin' rainbow!

007 Barnadine & Liqih - Mohandas Remix
"The original was a 'Rawhide'-style folk tribute to Gandhi, lord of the smackdown. Liqih made it his own - spicing things up with weird and wonderful percussion, putting in a bigger engine and driving it gloriously into the sunset. Yee-ha."
"Why the remix? It's just one of my ways of loving a song: make an unsolicited remix, sometimes the original author likes it, sometimes doesn't. Unsolicited and unauthorized, this means that I work of the full mixed song file, with no separate tracks available. (with very very few songs I had the single tracks from the author). Most of my remixes are unpublished. My remixing method varies with the source but I always add original parts, also I edit the source song in many ways. With 'Mohandas' I wanted to preserve as much as possible the beautiful Barnadine voice and melody, just the rhythm and the refrain needed a boost for me, but I didn't quantized it and followed the spontaneous groove of the Barnadine guitar with careful editing. A very few bars were stretched as they were too off tempo. The structure of the whole song was adjusted as well.
You may like to see the process like a black box controlled by my brain, I like that!
1) a tune get into the box,
2) strange phenomena happen inside the box,
3) the remix get out of the box.


008 J. Daniello & WoJ - In Six Minutes
So reminiscent of Betty Blue in the intro. The scene in the piano shop when they both sit and play. The early morning sun coming in through the unseen windows, everything too sleepy to be anything but serene. Morning turns to noon and awakes into tango and technology, hustle and bustle. Noon turns to evening and the chaos of daily life reaches its peak. Evening to dusk with the piano coming back in beautifully to close the day. An extended guitar note slowly dies with the setting of the sun. A six-minute day.

009 Grinny Grandad - Mek Yer Mam Proud (Edit)
"If you're going to listen to these songs, then grab a beer, get comfy, sit back and have your sense of humour switched to "Moderate".
I’d encourage any intelligent hip-hop, break-beat, sample masher fan to check out these toothed wonders. Fronted by a no nonsense lyricist, the beats are clear and concise, the sample arrangement is DOPE :)

010 Mayan - Realm of Desire
"A compilation of Buddhist teachings utilizing manipulated porn clips downloaded from usenet groups interspersed with other public domain samples and my own musicianship. Well, not precisely...but close enough."
A sound-bite journey through a sample bank of mystical treasures. A mixture of dark, clubby and sultry that works really well with plenty of squishy sounds and beats to tickle your feet.

011 Patrick9 - Pass That Bottle
"Nothing special to say about the song except it was my first submission to KVR. I am primarily an acoustic musician so it was fun to 'Rawk'. The theme of drowning one's sorrows must have been relevant when I wrote it."
Rawk: A bottle of jack, a pair of grimy boots and a trucker hat, my buddy (whom I've know for years) jamming on an old electric in the sitting room.

012 Fred S, The Theory of One & USB - Crackdown
Whiney guitars, electro vocals and a Hammond sound to boot! You've just gotta tear at your heart and fall to your knees with a look of pure agony on your face, pausing only to air-guitar the funky bits with every bit of soul you got.
"Not sure what genre it would classify in....its sort of funk prog. Music written and recorded by Fred S. Lyrics by Fred S. Vocals by One of The Theory of One and guitar solos by USB."

013 Sandman - Another Word For Synonym (or My Imaginary Trip To The Orient)
An imaginary trip to the Orient from the mind of a physics fan. Modular molecular mysticism!
"The secondary title comes from the vibe I get from listening to the song, and that's taking a lot of drugs and hallucinating a trip out east. 90% of this track comes from Fruity Loops FLStudio 4. Some of the key themes, while almost Asian and/or poppy in feel, were thoroughly improvised by the random clickings of the mouse."

014 Page27 - Yell Love
"Yell Love is a fairly back to basics rock tune".
If this tune was released in the late seventies or eighties these guys would have ended up, every week, on Top of the Pops. Sometimes it's good to put on them ol' blue jeans, let your hair hang down and yell love love love ya love :) Simple, upbeat and all about l-o-v-e.

015 Ugo - Where Is Heaven?
"Almost the whole song was written with the Fiz n' Chips 8 bit video game sample collection, played with Kontakt 2 and LiveSlice. The theremin sound comes from my String Theory synth and the vocal samples were from Zero-G's Altered States."
Could be a philosophical debate carried out deep in cyberspace. The only beings that can venture there have always been there, will always be there and already know where heaven is; they're instead trying to decide which mind-fuck they'll throw at us next. Just to keep us guessing.

016 Van Greco - You Against I
"I'm more proud of the recording of that one than the other (that basically means it's newer).....It's about a good friend's divorce. I split with someone that I truly love yesterday and I can't help feeling like I prophesized my own sadness. Even though the song is not about me, I feel like I've become the topic."
As emotionally charged as ever. Optimism and self-belief transcending hopelessness are reccurring themes in much of Van Greco's work and well exhibited in this heart-wrenching tune.

017 SIGHUP - Cosmic Fohm
"I'm a little surprised at the track choice since it was a bit of a frivolous thing. It was actually made as an entry for a contest held by Ohm Force, hence the ohm/foam title pun. Entries had to use QuadFrohmage prominently in a track. I won a copy of Ohmboyz with the track, which wasn't bad."
I don't know what a Fohm is...It sounds like a creature of some sort, furry I think, with rather large mouth and a voice box made out of metal. I don't think I'd want to meet one alone in the woods at night.

018 Glassback - Give A Little Dub
A nice n’ heavy mix of reggae beats and electro accents. It wanders off and rollingly (is rollingly a word?) returns, back and forth, meandering but never getting lost. Rollingly...if it wasn't, it is now.


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